The caddy will hold three drinks, travel mugs, or water bottles  

Just a little project to to address the need for a way to keep drinks secure in the cockpit when sailing. Some teak, 3/32 silicon bronze, and chrome tanned leather. All scraps or off cuts from other projects. Inspired by an old article written by Lin and Larry Pardey.

I cut the bronze strips with a Bosch jigsaw and filed them smooth. I heated the bronze up with a torch and bent them in my small 4” vise. I half-lapped the teak to maximize the gluing surface. I dadoed the back of the teak so the bronze straps fit flush. I covered the back edges of the teak and the inside surfaces of the bronze hooks with leather I secured with contact cement.


The bronze strap-hooks are set flush into the teak and then leathered to prevent scarring of the wood drop-board when in use.

We took out all our most used cups, mugs, glasses, etc to find the right size hole (3.5”) and depth (4”) to maximize its utility.

The caddy also wedges nicely at the galley sink without  touching the varnished staving so no more needing three hands to make coffee or pour drinks when under way. A small simple project that addresses a long identified need.