I spent six and half years rebuilding the Far Reach, a Cape Dory 36, into the boat I always wanted but could not find. The details of the rebuild can be found at www.farreachvoyages.com. With the rebuild complete and the Far Reach launched in June 2015, this blog serves as the follow-on sailing companion describing our voyages, related activities, observations, musings, and continued maintenance and modifications.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Patrick Matte said:

    Good meeting you today John, I will following your blog. Your boat is absolutely stunning.



  2. Mark Gearhart said:

    I was searching through Reflex diesel heater info and came across you installation notes. Wow!!! Excellent job documenting the process. Way better than the youtube videos out there. It looks like this type of heater is a winner, and I plan on doing the same for my Bristol Channel Cutter. Odd though, I don’t see anybody discussing flue length requirements. That will likely be a challenge for me. Thanks very much for your installation notes.



  3. Ahoy John,
    Just found your blog while stuck in solitary after getting Covid. Absolutely amazing work on Far Reaches! We have a Bristol Channel Cutter up in the Chesapeake. If you make it up that way please drop a line, it would be great to meet up.


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