The Far Reach, Elephant Bay, St Thomas, USVI–11 Feb 2016

As I move about the Far Reach, taking care of small projects, and enjoying the simple pleasure of “messing about on boats,” I am struck by the wonderous beauty of bronze. It is, in my opinion, the most noble, selfless, and beautiful of metals.

It’s durability, workability, and longevity seem to have no constraints. It’s striking blue-green patina contrasts beautifully against a background of paint, varnish, or bare teak. When I see it, I think of its quiet unfailing and tireless nobility contrasted against the harsh, and to my eye, cold urban utility of stainless steel that can only shout out to me as I pass by “Hey, I can be lovely too if you will only wash me, polish me, disassemble me and manga flux me to inspect my structural integrity for potentially catastrophic failure!”

I am grateful our boats have so many bronze components.

Bronze and boats–what more need be said.