I tried out my newly designed HO 249 worksheets

The day before yesterday the stars were finally back out at dusk. I was able to shoot Sirius and Procyon from the fantail of the Far Reach. I recorded the precise time for each shot.

After the rain today I sat down and reduced both shots. I still made some stupid errors but fortunately the process alerts you to a mistake as the computed height should be within 50’ of the observed height. When they are off you know there is a math error before you even get to plotting an LOP. So, I went back and double checked everything and I found the errors, corrected them, and completed the reduction. I plotted both lines of position against my actual location. The LOP for Sirius went right over the top of our GPS location and the LOP for Procyon was 1’ off.

I am pleased with the accuracy, though the Far Reach was about as motionless as she could be. But, I need to get a grip on those math errors. More practice….