Granuaile is a steel Wylo 35′ gaffer built by Richard Wylie

The Far Reach, Anchored, Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, BVI–1 Mar 2016

Yesterday, we rented a car and drove the length and width of Tortola. Though I have been to many places in the world, Tortola probably has the steepest, most twisty, and narrowest roads I have ever driven. Lots of fun. It’s even more interesting as the roads are often not marked and the map we were provided was one of those cartoon maps. I wouldn’t I have wanted it any other way.

While anchored here we met a wonderful couple, Richard and Eilish Wylie. They sailed here from Northern Ireland on their fabulous self-built steel Wylo 35. This was, in fact, their second trip across the Atlantic to the West Indies on Granuaile. The boat is gorgeous and beautifully finished. Richard built every thing on her as well. The interior is bright, airy, and roomy. Granuaile has a flush deck cockpit (and lots of additional and neat modifications) and a gaff rig.

Richard had a very clever way of finishing the cabin sole by using removable sections of 3/4″ply with 1/8″ layer of cork glued to the top surface of the plywood. Then, he applied multiple coats of varnish to the cork. They have been sailing her for 8 years I think. The sole has held up very well. It had a great feel under foot and did not seem slippery at all. If I were every to re-do the sole of the Far Reach I think I might replicate it. I’ll make a separate post on the sole so it will be easy to find in the Forum data base if someone wants other options than the standard teak and holly style.


Richard built the cabin sole by gluing 1/4″ thick cork on top of 3/4″ plywood.  GranuaileTortola has been sailed extensively for 10 years to include multiple Atlantic crossings.  The sole has held up extremely well